Are you seeking family history records in Zulu, Afrikaans and/or English? Do you need Indian (India) records?

If you’re looking for family history records in the languages of Zulu, Afrikaans and/or English, check out the Pietermaritzburg Archives Repository. They also have Indian (India) records therein. In addition, Indian records are also held by the Durban Archives Repository.

For more details, see an enlightening article by clicking this link:

Baby Names, “All in the Family”

See this interesting new American study about how people have looked to their “Family Tree” for inspiration in selecting their baby’s name.  How many people do you think are named after a family member?


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First Time FREE Public Access

Free Public Access to its entire online collection is being offered for the first time by World Vital Records beginning August 11 through August 13, 2009.  This milestone is commemorating the addition of the largest number of records to be released in a single day since the site launched in 2006.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity.

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Caribbean Slave records from

A “significant online collection” of Caribbean slave records will be launched by, the world’s largest online commercial resource for family history. Nearly 200 years of St. Croix Virgin Islands history is detailed in the collection.

This is a product of the St. Croix African Roots Project, initiated in 2002 by the Virgin Islands Social History Associates (VISHA). is working with V ISHA to make the collection more accessible.  Historical records found in Danish, Virgin Island and American archives were collected, documented and transcribed.  Individuals of African descent will have an easier time finding their African and Creole ancestors.   Visit

Can you believe it! Medieval Records Go Online.

BBC News tells us The detailed service records of 250,000 medieval soldiers – including archers who served with Henry V at the Battle of Agincourt – have gone online

The database of those who fought in the Hundred Years War reveals salaries, sickness records and who was knighted.

The full profiles of soldiers from 1369 to 1453 will allow researchers to piece together details of their lives.

See more of this story at

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Tags: ,’s Recent Additions adds millions of new documents every month that are found nowhere else on the web.

Here’s what they have recently added:

Interactive 1930 US Federal Census
NY Naturalizations
Indian Census 1885-1940
Civil War Union Soldier Service Records – Missouri
Texas Death Records

Visit – Where real history just might surprise you.

England and Wales Birth Indexes accessible to Canadians

Birth Indexes from England and Wales, 1837-2005, were added to the website. is Canada’s leading family history website.  The birth records contain more than 134 million fully-searchable names of everyone born in England and Wales from the beginning of civil registration.     Visit

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GPS and a New Zealand Cemetery. What’s the connection?

Tinui Cemetery was chosen as a trial site for an experimental database using GPS technology.  The hope is that, in the future, families and historians could use the internet to see precisely where their ancestors are buried.

View the story at

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Are your roots in Poland?

If so, the third edition of “A Translation Guide to 19th-Century Polish-Language Civil Registration Documents” may be a resource you’d like to check out.

To purchase the book or see sample pages, visit

Contact Judith R. Frazin at (312) 666-0100 or additional information.

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Canadian Roots UK – Canadian War Children of WWII

Did you know there was a website set up to help people in the UK trace their fathers/family in Canada?  The site is Canadian Roots UK.  This site also assists fathers or a relative who is trying to trace a child you/he may have fathered in the UK during World War II.  Visit this self-help website at .

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