Preserving Your Family Photos

Ever wonder how to preserve all of your family photos?  Preserving Your Family Photographs: How to Organize, Present, and Restore Your Precious Family Images by Maureen A. Taylor is a great resourse to help you.  Check it out on!  Click on “Photos and Scrapbooks” to find this book. 

Here is a description of the book:

Genealogists and non-genealogists alike love old photographs and many people have photo collections of their ancestors. Preserving Your Family Photographs shows them how to organize and store these photos so that future generations can also enjoy them.

Readers will learn how to care for family photos, identify different types of damage, learn basic conservation techniques, buy the proper storage materials, then organize the family photo archive and safely display it for all to see.

* Photo preservation and display techniques appeal to both genealogist and non-genealogist alike
* The book provides instruction through the use of beautiful sample photos

About the author:

Maureen Taylor is the author of Uncovering Your Ancestry through Family Photographs. She is a regular contributor to Family Tree Magazine and is a former picture research coordinator and photo curator. She is a frequent lecturer at genealogical conferences and workshops across the country on the subject of photograph identification, organization and preservation. She lives in Westwood, Massachusetts

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