“Counting the Cost” Roundup of Memories Blog Tour


In celebration of the recent release of Counting the Cost by bestselling author, Liz Adair, Inglestone Publishing invites you to participate in a Roundup of Memories.


Counting the Cost is historical fiction, set in New Mexico and Arizona in the 1930s. Brilliantly told, the story is based on events from author Liz Adair’s own family history. In Liz’s book, the spring roundup is a central element in Liz’s book. So, for the Roundup of Memories, you are invited to join in the fun by submitting a favorite memory or family history story of your own. Here’s all you need to do to qualify for one of the prizes from Inglestone Publishing:


1. Submissions should be a memory of your own or a story of one of your own ancestors.

Submissions should be 300 to 500 words long and you may submit as many as you wish.


2. To submit your entries, simply visit www.inglestonepublishing.com, click on the Roundup of Memories image near to top of the home page, then fill out the simple form.


3. Submit entries by May 20. Selected submissions will be published on the Inglestone Publishing Web site; and the winners will be announced May 25.


Contest winners will receive:

An autographed copy of Counting the Cost by Liz Adair

Copy of “Using Family History in Fiction” by Liz Adair

“Gold nugget bag” of chocolate coins

Grand Prize Winner will receive all of the above, PLUS a $10 gift certificate to Amazon.com




Preparing Confidently for the Future

Preparing for the future has many facets.  We prepare physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually.  As we prepare, we have more confidence and less fear.  We come to recognize that the weight of old grievances and regret can stifle our efforts to progress and be happy.  Distractions created from “worry” and “fear” can also cause us to turn our head away from our goals.  Part of every man or woman’s quest includes pursuing worthy goals in spite of obstacles.  Clear vision and commitment are needed in attaining the goal of preparing for the future.

Please post a comment and let us what helps you prepare confidently for the future in these troubled times?

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Living Mindfully in the Present

Living in the present without the “baggage” of the past and fear or worry about the future is a challenge for almost everyone.  Since we make our decisions in the present moment, we must be mindful of our thoughts. True power lies in our power to make choices.  This is different from the common concept of having “power over” someone or something else.  This is the power that each of us possesses within — independent of what someone else may think or choose.  Our thoughts in the present moment are the tools we use to create what we really desire in life.  They can also be like weapons of protection as we travel our course.  Our own thoughts can trap us in a life of misery and discouragement or elevate us to new heights of discovery and freedom. 

The more we choose thoughts based on time-tested, universal,  principles and then chose actions that match those uplifting thoughts, we learn that our happiness is no longer dependent upon the choices of others.  Without putting other people down, we can change and enlarge our own sphere of influence — and GROW.  We decide for ourselves whose influence we will accept or reject.  Living mindfully in the present takes us in the direction of our dreams.  Once we catch sight of our own potential through realizing that our true power lies within, then we have begun our quest with the strength that knowledge, itself, can provide.

Please share how becoming more mindful in the present has benefited your life.

Gleaning Wisdom from the Past

In any quest, a person must overcome significant challenges.  Sometimes linking to the past to learn from it may seem painful. 

Have you ever had occasion to look back at your life at times when you were the most challenged, in seemingly insurmountable ways, only to find you learned the most about yourself?  Did you find you could be strong and resilient?  Did you gain the knowledge about yourself that you could, indeed, do difficult things, over and over if necessary?  Did you learn you could be kind during the process of difficulty?  If you were not kind, did you determine that you would like to work on that?  Did you learn that there were unexpected friends along your path to help strengthen you?  Were your eyes open to see the blessings and opportunities along the way, or did you feel blind in the struggle to survive?

 If you were able to conclude that your difficulties were your teachers, and using that perspective, found some personal benefit or strength growing out of the pain or trouble, THEN you were able to learn wisdom from the past.  Congratulations!   If not, let us continue to help.  Visit www.familytreequest.com

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