Living Mindfully in the Present

Living in the present without the “baggage” of the past and fear or worry about the future is a challenge for almost everyone.  Since we make our decisions in the present moment, we must be mindful of our thoughts. True power lies in our power to make choices.  This is different from the common concept of having “power over” someone or something else.  This is the power that each of us possesses within — independent of what someone else may think or choose.  Our thoughts in the present moment are the tools we use to create what we really desire in life.  They can also be like weapons of protection as we travel our course.  Our own thoughts can trap us in a life of misery and discouragement or elevate us to new heights of discovery and freedom. 

The more we choose thoughts based on time-tested, universal,  principles and then chose actions that match those uplifting thoughts, we learn that our happiness is no longer dependent upon the choices of others.  Without putting other people down, we can change and enlarge our own sphere of influence — and GROW.  We decide for ourselves whose influence we will accept or reject.  Living mindfully in the present takes us in the direction of our dreams.  Once we catch sight of our own potential through realizing that our true power lies within, then we have begun our quest with the strength that knowledge, itself, can provide.

Please share how becoming more mindful in the present has benefited your life.