New Year. New Goals. How About You?

It’s so much fun when things are anticipated and NEW.  With the NEW year approaching, its time for me to decide my own family history goals for 2010.

Here are some of the things I’d like to accomplish:

 1)  I’m excited to continue working on my personal history this coming year, and I will make sure some of my records are in my own handwriting.

 2)  I will continue to assemble, a bit at a time, some old photos and newspaper articles and make 8 ½ x 11” copies for each of our children.

 3)  I will continue our fairly new tradition of making a slideshow DVD of selected family pictures throughout the year for Christmas gifts for our children.  (Our DVD’s cover the period of time from October to October, otherwise I find myself under too much stress before Christmas.)

 4)  I’ve decided to do something really fun.  I’ve written a poem for each family member.  I’m determined to find those poems, gather them together, and put them with our family records.  In time, I will attempt to pen them all in Calligraphy.

 As a wife, mother, and business woman, I have learned to keep things simple.  I will do my best with these aspirations and accept my own best efforts as being enough.  I will continue to carry forth the goals of the website, which are to glean wisdom from the past, live mindfully in the present, and prepare confidently for the future.  In addition, I hope to share some good times and make some great online memories with all of YOU.  Happy New Year!

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What Happened?

Due to technical problems, there was a delay in the launch of the new Genealogical Society of Ireland website. We’re any of you as disappointed as I was? At least we know what’s going on now. To my knowledge, no new date has been announced.

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NEW ! Genealogical Society of Ireland Website

I’ve been told that a new Genealogical Society of IRELAND website will launch tonight. I’m so excited, since my heritage is IRISH.

If the site can be of benefit to you, visit

Spinal Surgery Slowed Me Down

Due to spinal surgery, I have been slow to begin blogging again.  There’s been a lot of tasks to catch up on at home.  I’m very happy with the results of surgery—one of my greatest blessings this year.  Hopefully, blog posts will begin again soon.  Thanks for your patience.

Carolyn aka Family Tree Gal

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